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  Hey, so glad to find a forum where I can clean out my… - luvdarain5

Hey, so glad to find a forum where I can clean out my bookshelf and still get more manga in return!  I am interested in TRADE only, don’t care about selling these.   I have boys and girl’s manga/manwha and some yaoi too!  (I put a quick synopsis of the manga in parenthesis for ya!)

PS-I am a F but I like all kinds of manga, mostly prefer romance and yaoi now tho…

Here's what i have to trade-

Manga for guys:

Saiyuki v. 1 & 2 (Gun toting monk & friends)
Flames of Recca v. 1-5 (Martial Arts)
Demon Ororon v. 1-4 (Complete)
Real Bout High School v. 1-5 (Complete) (Fighting Manga)
Suikoden III v. 1 (Fantasy War)

Manga for either M or F:

Ai Yori Aoshi v. 1-3 (Couple gets engaged then fall in love-lots of big chest scenes)
Alichino v. 1-3 (Fantasy-beautiful art)
Chrono Cruisade v. 1 (Mecha? Cant remember)
Candidate for Goddess v. 1 (Mecha)
Sister Red v.1 (Fighting Nun & crew)
Psychic Academy  v.1 (Harry Potterish-big chested scenes)
To Heart v.1 (Romance but with big chest scenes)
Goong v.1 (Oneshot) (A girl gets engaged to her classmate-the next emperor-Manwha)
Mugen Spiral v. 1 (Girl exorsits who is dogged by a handsome but pesky spirit)

Also I have a lot of Clamp-
v.1-9  (Mix of several clamp charecters but focuses on Sakura & Syoran)
Angelic Layer v. 1, 2, 4 & 5  (Story of kids who fight using dolls-bit of romance too)
Shiranine-Syo (Hardback-but manga sized)(Legend of Snow Princess)
Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland (Japanese version of Alice-sorta)
Legend of Chun Hyang (Oneshot)
Legal Drug v. 1-3 (Light yaoi)
Suki v. 1-3 (Teddy Bears and Romance)
Mouryou Kiden v. 1
Chobits v. 1 (Hero falls for living doll?)
XHolicX v. 1 (Great art!)

Manga for gals:

Queens v. 1-2 (Boy gets makeover to win girl he likes)
Over the Rainbow (Oneshot)(Love triange story)
Princess Tutu v.1 (Just what the name says-that’s what its about)
Blue Inferior v.1  (Ocean manga)
Model  v. 1-6 (Complete) (Great artwork-vampire love story)
Missile Happy v. 1 (new)(Girl moves in with her sisters future fiancé & falls in love)
Kare Kano v. 1-8 (A shy girls first love with a cool guy)
Pita-Ten v. 1-4 (Super adorable artwork-love story)
Faeries Landing v. 1-3 (Faerie comes to live with a human & eventually fall in love?)
Happy Mania v. 1-11 (Complete) (Adult situations-Shigeta cant keep a boyfriend-nerdy Takahashi wishes she would fall for him)
Mars v. 1-15+ Horse w/No Name (Complete) (Love story of shy artist and brash cyclist)
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) v. 1-19 & 21 (Missing v.20)
Call Me Princess -(Old school art, but still cute)
Vampire Dahlia/Death in a Kiss (Oneshot)(Beautiful artwork-from Vampire Miyu creator)
Peach Girl/Sae's Story v. 1-3 (Complete)  This is fairly new so i'd like to trade something good for it!
Othello v. 1-7 (Complete) (By author of Gugu Pon-Chan)(Story of girl who develops a dual personality and both like the same boy)
Snow Drop v. 1-12 (Manwha/Complete)(Story of rich girl who falls for the wrong guy-her father forbids it)
Yume Kira Dream Shoppe (Oneshot)(Cute collection of short love stories)
Yurara v. 1 (Girl who channels ghosts and the two boys who like her)

Yaoi: (m/m love-may contain graphic scenes)

Cantarella v. 1-2 (Midevil story)
Jazz v. 1-4 (Complete) (Love story between a doctor and patient)
Yellow v. 1-4 (Complete)(Two cops-partners-fall for each other)
Beyond My Touch (Oneshot)(Despite the fact that one half of this couple is dead they still fall in love-uber cute art)
1001 Nights v. 1 (Arabian nights type story)
Art of Loving v. 1 (classmates fall in lust/love)
Lost Boys (One-shot)(modern Peter Pan type story)
Delivery Cupid (One-shot) (classmates fall in lust/love)
Gauken Heaven (One-shot) (classmates fall in lust/love)
Love Mode v. 1-3 (Adult/Youth collection of lust/love stories)
Earthian 1-4 (Complete)(Angels fall in love with one another)
Level C v. 1-3 (Adult/Youth collection of lust/love stories)
Menkui v. 1-3 (Complete) (Love story-about a boy who likes pretty faces-and his boyfriend)
Time Lag (Oneshot) (Pretty art work-by 'Only the Ring Finger Knows' artist)
Dear Myself (The Seme forgets his Uke and finds a note to himself about thier love)
Little Cry Baby (Oneshot) (Collection of storys of weepy Uke's and the Seme's who love em)
La Vie En Rose (Oneshot) (Collection of stories centering on the waiters in a bar)

Art Books:
Cosplay Girls (asian women dressed as every charecter you can think of-great costumes)
Art of Fushigi Yugi (Very slightly bent-but great condition overall)
Art of Ceres
(Peach Girls art)(Beautiful full color pics-very cool)

As for what I want in exchange, bring all yaoi offers, I have some but I don’t have nearly as many titles as I would like…any romance manga I love, and also I have some older collections I would like to finish so just email me what you have to trade.  (Need to finish Full Moon/Mink/red River/Negumi/Dream Saga/Angel Sanctuary/Flowers n Bees-and much more)

If you have manga I really want, I will consider 2 or 3 for 1 or ‘package deals’ in order to make the trade!

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poorjack From: poorjack Date: February 12th, 2008 04:12 am (UTC) (Link)
Hello, luvvie! :3 I just wanted to tell you Kare First Love arrived here today~ thank you very much, it's such a cute series. Please let me know when you get your package alright.

Also, just wondering, did Kare include vols. 1-5, 7, and 8? I don't seem to have volume 6 here, but that could be because I didn't read well enough. O:;;
luvdarain5 From: luvdarain5 Date: February 12th, 2008 01:48 pm (UTC) (Link)

Uh Oh...

So you say a volume was missing?? I'll go back and double check! This is not the first time this has happened to me! How can i not realize volumes are missing before i trade them out?? If i dont find it, do you want to check my list for another book of mine to even out the trade?

Lemmie know!
poorjack From: poorjack Date: February 12th, 2008 08:32 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Uh Oh...

Volume 6 is missing~ I hope you have that one, as there isn't much else I want besides the artbook, but I haven't the trade for it. ^^; But I could find something otherwise.

I'm sorry for the trouble! ;_;
luvdarain5 From: luvdarain5 Date: February 12th, 2008 08:46 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Uh Oh...

My Dear PoorJack! Tell me which art book you wanted again? And send me your addy again also to Luvdarain5@aol.com and i'll mail it out tomorrow. I double checked and i goofed, i dont have that missing volume and the rest of the set i sent isnt much good without it, i know. Boy did i goof. So sorry!! :(
neokittykat From: neokittykat Date: February 18th, 2012 05:41 am (UTC) (Link)

never recieved my manga from you

It has been almost a year and I haven't heard anything from you nor have you sent my manga. You owe me over 50 books, I sent my items fast and with tracking you said you were happy with them so why have you not sent my items? It makes me mad because I see you selling and trading my items on other websites ebay, swap.com and here. Do the right thing and sent my items im sick of being ignored.
From: vmpredig Date: February 17th, 2013 08:59 am (UTC) (Link)
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