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Please email me at Luvdarain5@aol.com if interested in swapping:

All My Darling Daughters (by Fumi Yoshinaga) Rated 16+
Beast Master v. 1
Bloody Kiss v. 2
Boy Princess v. 1-9 (Yaoi/Prefer to keep together)
Crayon Shin Chan v. 1-2
Feng Shui Academy (Action)
Forbidden Love (Male/Male erotica-not manga)
Haridama Magic Cram School (Action/Comedy)
King of Cards v. 1-4 (Willing to seperate)
Kurohime v. 1-7 (Willing to seperate)
Nana v. 1/10-15 (Willing to seperate)
Ooku v. 2 (Yaoi)
Reversible v. 1 (Yaoi)
Texas Surrender (Male/Male erotica-not manga)
Ultimate Venus v. 3
Yokai's Hunter (Yaoi)
Zesty v. 1 (Yaoi)

The Watchmen (DVD)

My Wishlist:

A.I. Revolution v. 5+
Adventures of Young Detective v. 1+
Angel Diary v. 6-8/11+
Antique Gift Shop (The), v. 4-7/9
Banana Fish v. 14-19
Black Bird v. 4+
Boys Be v. 1
Bride of the Water God v. 6+
Burst Angel v. 2+
Castle of Dreams
Cheeky Angel v. 14+
Choco Mimi v. 4+
Clover Omnibus Ed.
Comic v. 3/5/6/9+
Divine Melody v. 6+
From Eroica With Love v. 4/6/10/11/13/15+
FullMetal Alchemist v. 17/20+
H.S. Girls v. 1+
Happy Cafe v. 1+
Inukami v. 3+
Inverloch v. 1+
Itazura Na Kiss v. 2+
Jyu Oh Sei v. 1+
Kagetore v. 5/7-10
Kamichama Karin Chu v. 2-3/6+
Karakuri Odette v. 1+
Kasumi v. 2
Kaze Hikaru v. 8+
Kekkaishi v. 16-23
Key Princess Story: Eternal Alice Ronda v. 1
Kimmikiss v. 1
Legend v. +5
Love Roma v. 1+
Maid Sama v. 2/4+
My Heavenly Hockey Club v. 9-11+
N.G. Life v. 1+
Nabari no Ou v.1+
Nadeshiko Club v. 1+
Night of the Beasts v. 2-4
Nodame Cantabile v. 7+
One Thousand and One Nights v. 3+
Orange Planet v. 2+
Orfina v. 5+
Panic x Panic v. 2+
Passionate Two Face v. 1+
Peace Maker Kurogane v. 1
Penguin Revolution v. 1+
Phantom Dream v. 5+
Please Save My Earth v. 14-16/18/20+
Reborn v. 1
Recipie for Gertrude v. 4/5
Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac 8-16/18-27
Shakugan no Shana v. 1+
Shugo Chara v. 1+
Swan 14+
Tag You are It v. 1
Tale of an Unknown Country v. 2+
Tenjho Tenge v. 11+
The Reformed
The Super-Cool Life Of Strawberry Chan v. 1+
XS Hybrid v. 1+
(Yaoi) Because of Love
(Yaoi) Cute Devil
(Yaoi) Drawn to Him
(Yaoi) Dry Heat
(Yaoi) Honey/Chocolate
(Yaoi) How to Capture A Martini v. 2+
(Yaoi) In the Walnut v. 2+
(Yaoi) Intriguing Secrets
(Yaoi) Kabuki Flower v. 3+
(Yaoi) Kurashina Sensei's Passion v. 3+
(Yaoi) Love Knot
(Yaoi) Love!!
(Yaoi) Pure Heart v. 2+
(Yaoi) Reverse
(Yaoi) Right Here, Right Now
(Yaoi) Tea for Two v. 3+
(Yaoi) The 9 Lives v. 1+
(Yaoi) The Object of My Affection
(Yaoi) Vibration Life
(Yaoi) Wintertime Love
(Yaoi) Words of Devotion v. 1-2
(Yaoi) Ze v. 4+
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Hello, I'm back with to trade away some of my yaoi and manga for new stuff I haven’t read.  Here's what I have to trade:


A Strange and Mystifying Story v. 1 (Yaoi)

 Ai No Kusabi v. 1 (Yaoi Novel)

 Almost Crying (Yaoi)

 Boy Princess v. 1-4/6-7

 Great Place H.S. (Yaoi) by 'Our Kingdom' manga-ka

 I'll Be Your Slave (Yaoi)

 Junjo Romantica 1-4 (Yaoi)

 Kiss All The Boys v. 1-3 (Yaoi)

 La Vie En Rose (Yaoi)

 Love A La Carte (Yaoi)

 Love Mode 1-3 (Yaoi)

 Love Share (Yaoi)

 Maid In Heaven (Yaoi)

 Make Love & Peace (Ladies Comic)

 Maybe I'm Your Stepping Stone (Yaoi)

 Millennium Darling 2006 (Yaoi)

 My Only King by Lily Hoshino (Yaoi)

 Passion v. 1 (Yaoi)

 Poison Cherry Dr. (Yaoi)

 Prince Charming v. 1-3 (Yaoi/Complete)

 Red by (Yaoi)

 Saihoshi The Guardian (Omnibus/Yaoi)

 Selfish Mr. Mermaid v. 1 (Yaoi/In English despite pic)

 Surge (Yaoi)

 Today's Ulterior Motives (Yaoi)

 Vanilla v. 1-2 (Yaoi)

Wishing for the Moon (Yaoi) by Dany & Dany


Animal Paradise v. 1-2

 Ark Angels v. 1-3 (Complete) by The Tarot Café mangaka

 Cherry Juice v. 1-3

 Chicago v. 1 -2

 Duck Prince v. 1 -2

 Harlequin Pink: Bachelor Prince

 Harlequin Pink: Girl in a Million

 Harlequin Pink: Idol Dreams

 Harlequin Pink: Three Wishes

 Harlequin Violet: Blind Date

 Harlequin Violet: Response

 INVU v. 1-3

 La Corda D'Oro v. 1-4

 Magic Knights of Rayearth Artbooks - 2 Volumes

 Magic Knights of Rayearth v. 4 -6

 Mink v. 1-4

 Missile Happy v. 1 -3

 Oyayubihime Infinity v 1-6 (Complete)

 Revolutionary Girl Utena, Vol. 1: To Till

 Revolutionary Girl Utena, Volume 2: To Plant 

 Shojo Beat 15 Volumes

 St. Marie v. 1-2

 Sweet & Sensative v. 1-2

 Tarot Cafe v. 1

 Tenryu v. 1-6 (Complete) by Fake manga-ka

 Three in Love v. 1 (Rated OT/Non Yuri)

 Three in Love v. 2 (Rated OT/Non Yuri)

 Vision of the Other Side v. 1

 Wallflower v. 1-15

 Wild Ones v. 1-2


If you want to swap PLEASE email me at Luvdarain5@aol.com and let me know what you have to trade.  You can also see my wish list at www.mangatude.com/luvdarain5



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Dost Thou Know (yaoi)
Love Share (yaoi)
Party (yaoi)
All Nippon Airline: Paradise 3000 Feet (Yaoi)
Manic Love -Prequel to Fake Fur (Oneshot/Yaoi)
Love Training (yaoi)
Words of Devotion v. 1 (Yaoi)
Menkui v. 1 (yaoi)
Tenshi Ja Nai v. 1-2
Bible Black Second (Yaoi-Neon Genesis Evangelion DOUJINSHI) -2 different doujins available
Love Master A v. 1  (new shoujo)
Guardian Angel Getten v. 1-4 (shoujo)
Gals! V. 1-10 (Complete) (shoujo)
Ultra Maniac v. 1-5 (shoujo)
Neck & Neck v. 1-2 (shoujo)
Red String v.1 (shoujo)
Witch Class v. 1-2 (shoujo)
Miracle Girls v. 2, 4, 8 9 (shoujo)
Ai Yori Aoshi 1-3 (shoujo)
Tsubasa v. 1 and 6-9 (Clamp)
Angelic Layer 1, 2, 4 &5 (Clamp)
Suki (Clamp) v. 1-3 (complete)
Chobits v. 1 (Clamp)
Tenryu v. 1 (Action/shoujo)
50 Rules for Teenagers v. 1 (shojo)
Magical JxR v. 1 (similar to Meru Puri) (shoujo)
Legend v.1 (shoujo-artwork by Dream Diary creator)
Maico 2010 v. 1-3 (Mature content-nekked women)
Flesh of the Beast (Horror)
Blue Inferior v. 1 (shoujo)
Lets Stay Together Forever (classic shoujo mangaka Tomoko Taniguchi)
Princess Prince (classic shoujo mangaka Tomoko Taniguchi)
Call Me Princess (classic shoujo mangaka Tomoko Taniguchi)
Psychic Academy 1 (Harry Potterish)
Psychic Academy 2 (Harry Potterish)
Moon Child 1 (yoai/sci fi/shoujo)
Moon Child 2 (yoai/sci fi/shoujo)
Here is Greenwood 1 (humor)
Here is Greenwood 2 (humor)
Saikano v.1  (I cant remember what this one was about… ^-^;
Suikoden III v. 1 The Sucessor of Fate (Action adventure story-sci fi)
Somedays Dreamers 2 (Very popular series/shoujo)
Land of the Blindfolded v.1 (heroine can see in the futre/hero can see the past)
Full Moon 1 (by creator of Gentlemans Alliance Cross)
Model 1 (Bishie vampires-manwha)
Model 2 (Bishie vampires-manwha)

See my wishlist at www.mangatude.com/luvdarain5 or email me at Luvdarain5@aol.com with inquiries...

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Hey, so glad to find a forum where I can clean out my bookshelf and still get more manga in return!  I am interested in TRADE only, don’t care about selling these.   I have boys and girl’s manga/manwha and some yaoi too!  (I put a quick synopsis of the manga in parenthesis for ya!)

PS-I am a F but I like all kinds of manga, mostly prefer romance and yaoi now tho…

Here's what i have to trade-

Manga for guys:

Saiyuki v. 1 & 2 (Gun toting monk & friends)
Flames of Recca v. 1-5 (Martial Arts)
Demon Ororon v. 1-4 (Complete)
Real Bout High School v. 1-5 (Complete) (Fighting Manga)
Suikoden III v. 1 (Fantasy War)

Manga for either M or F:

Ai Yori Aoshi v. 1-3 (Couple gets engaged then fall in love-lots of big chest scenes)
Alichino v. 1-3 (Fantasy-beautiful art)
Chrono Cruisade v. 1 (Mecha? Cant remember)
Candidate for Goddess v. 1 (Mecha)
Sister Red v.1 (Fighting Nun & crew)
Psychic Academy  v.1 (Harry Potterish-big chested scenes)
To Heart v.1 (Romance but with big chest scenes)
Goong v.1 (Oneshot) (A girl gets engaged to her classmate-the next emperor-Manwha)
Mugen Spiral v. 1 (Girl exorsits who is dogged by a handsome but pesky spirit)

Also I have a lot of Clamp-
v.1-9  (Mix of several clamp charecters but focuses on Sakura & Syoran)
Angelic Layer v. 1, 2, 4 & 5  (Story of kids who fight using dolls-bit of romance too)
Shiranine-Syo (Hardback-but manga sized)(Legend of Snow Princess)
Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland (Japanese version of Alice-sorta)
Legend of Chun Hyang (Oneshot)
Legal Drug v. 1-3 (Light yaoi)
Suki v. 1-3 (Teddy Bears and Romance)
Mouryou Kiden v. 1
Chobits v. 1 (Hero falls for living doll?)
XHolicX v. 1 (Great art!)

Manga for gals:

Queens v. 1-2 (Boy gets makeover to win girl he likes)
Over the Rainbow (Oneshot)(Love triange story)
Princess Tutu v.1 (Just what the name says-that’s what its about)
Blue Inferior v.1  (Ocean manga)
Model  v. 1-6 (Complete) (Great artwork-vampire love story)
Missile Happy v. 1 (new)(Girl moves in with her sisters future fiancé & falls in love)
Kare Kano v. 1-8 (A shy girls first love with a cool guy)
Pita-Ten v. 1-4 (Super adorable artwork-love story)
Faeries Landing v. 1-3 (Faerie comes to live with a human & eventually fall in love?)
Happy Mania v. 1-11 (Complete) (Adult situations-Shigeta cant keep a boyfriend-nerdy Takahashi wishes she would fall for him)
Mars v. 1-15+ Horse w/No Name (Complete) (Love story of shy artist and brash cyclist)
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) v. 1-19 & 21 (Missing v.20)
Call Me Princess -(Old school art, but still cute)
Vampire Dahlia/Death in a Kiss (Oneshot)(Beautiful artwork-from Vampire Miyu creator)
Peach Girl/Sae's Story v. 1-3 (Complete)  This is fairly new so i'd like to trade something good for it!
Othello v. 1-7 (Complete) (By author of Gugu Pon-Chan)(Story of girl who develops a dual personality and both like the same boy)
Snow Drop v. 1-12 (Manwha/Complete)(Story of rich girl who falls for the wrong guy-her father forbids it)
Yume Kira Dream Shoppe (Oneshot)(Cute collection of short love stories)
Yurara v. 1 (Girl who channels ghosts and the two boys who like her)

Yaoi: (m/m love-may contain graphic scenes)

Cantarella v. 1-2 (Midevil story)
Jazz v. 1-4 (Complete) (Love story between a doctor and patient)
Yellow v. 1-4 (Complete)(Two cops-partners-fall for each other)
Beyond My Touch (Oneshot)(Despite the fact that one half of this couple is dead they still fall in love-uber cute art)
1001 Nights v. 1 (Arabian nights type story)
Art of Loving v. 1 (classmates fall in lust/love)
Lost Boys (One-shot)(modern Peter Pan type story)
Delivery Cupid (One-shot) (classmates fall in lust/love)
Gauken Heaven (One-shot) (classmates fall in lust/love)
Love Mode v. 1-3 (Adult/Youth collection of lust/love stories)
Earthian 1-4 (Complete)(Angels fall in love with one another)
Level C v. 1-3 (Adult/Youth collection of lust/love stories)
Menkui v. 1-3 (Complete) (Love story-about a boy who likes pretty faces-and his boyfriend)
Time Lag (Oneshot) (Pretty art work-by 'Only the Ring Finger Knows' artist)
Dear Myself (The Seme forgets his Uke and finds a note to himself about thier love)
Little Cry Baby (Oneshot) (Collection of storys of weepy Uke's and the Seme's who love em)
La Vie En Rose (Oneshot) (Collection of stories centering on the waiters in a bar)

Art Books:
Cosplay Girls (asian women dressed as every charecter you can think of-great costumes)
Art of Fushigi Yugi (Very slightly bent-but great condition overall)
Art of Ceres
(Peach Girls art)(Beautiful full color pics-very cool)

As for what I want in exchange, bring all yaoi offers, I have some but I don’t have nearly as many titles as I would like…any romance manga I love, and also I have some older collections I would like to finish so just email me what you have to trade.  (Need to finish Full Moon/Mink/red River/Negumi/Dream Saga/Angel Sanctuary/Flowers n Bees-and much more)

If you have manga I really want, I will consider 2 or 3 for 1 or ‘package deals’ in order to make the trade!

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